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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Hardlock Nut Rim, Self Locking Nut - Authorised Dealer & Importer in Mumbai, India


NUFIT PIPING SOLUTIONS maintains a broad inventory of Hardlock Anti-Loosening Lock Nuts based in Mumbai, India. Hardlock Nuts are very well designed to withstand loosening from vibration and are very ideal for use in a range of applications. The application includes; Industries:- Transport Machinery, Iron and Steel, Electricity & Gas, Construction, Electrical Machinery, Cement, Ship Building, Nuclear Power, General Industrial Machining, etc.

The nuts are available in High Carbon Steel, Low Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel 304/316 Grades. Zinc-Plated and Hot Dip Galvanised finishes are available. The nuts are made to equivalent classes of  4.6, 8.8 and 12.9 (Class 4, Class 8 & Class 10).

The Hardlock Nuts are available in the following type & sizes.

1.  Standard Rim Type
Size: M5 to M30

2.  Basic Normal Type
Size: M8 to M130

2.  Basic Thin Type
Size: M16 to M130

Advantages of Hardlock Nut.

1. It has high rotation and looseness prevention rate.
(Other products only prevent screw dropping, and do not prevent looseness.)

2. You can fix screw position at the middle.
(It can be utilized to fix the position for bolts and other components.)

3. It can be reused.
(Since there is no abrasion between the concave and convex, it can be reused as long as the nut does not deform.)

4. You can maintain bolt access force (fastening power) for extended periods.
(HardLock Nut's unique wedge structure makes it possible.)

5. It is Simple and complete.
(There is no need for the nuts to be completely locked (pinioned) as in the case of double nuts. All one needs is a wrench to complete the simple operations.)

6. It contributes to large cost cuts.
(Realize the amount of labor costs cuts a non-loosening nut can bring.)

7. It prevents bolt breakage and extends the life of the fastener.
(The primary cause of bolt breakage is metal (low-cycle) fatigue due to screw looseness. The Hardlock Nut delays the onset of fatigue by maintaining the initial tightening (shaft) force, greatly extending the life of the fastener. This also has the effect of greatly decreasing bolt breakage.)

Hardlock nuts can be fixed in a stabile position even when they are placed in the middle of the screw. The self-locking force generated by the wedge effect is outstanding. (a = Eccentricity)

Application examples:

1. For adjustment of tapered roller bearings or thrust bearings

2. For stable maintenance of various types of machinery after making delicate adjustments

The Powerful Self-Locking Effect Results in an Overall Cost-Reduction Effect

When considering the cost of self-locking nuts, it is meaningless to make comparisons based on the cost price alone. Unlike conventional nuts, Hardlock Nuts are maintenance-free, so post-installation costs such as holding-power inspections and the expense of dealing with complaints or carrying out servicing if the nuts become loose are totally eliminated. When these factors are taken into account, the huge advantage of using Hardlock Nuts in terms of overall economy is clear.

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